Wednesday, August 24, 2011

12 year old girl, SWEET!

Please take a look at this beautiful girl from June's SWI! She has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. Look at her beautiful smile! She is ready for a family and knows all about the adoption process. Yang Dong is looking forward to having a family who will help her have all of the opportunities she does not have in China. She is described as bright, doing well in school. She is familiar with meeting foreigners who have worked or visited short term at the SWI and is very willing to learn a new language. She is known to be confident, articulate, and happy. She is on the shared list. Please contact me if you would like more info/photos. She needs a family before she ages out and is no longer "adoptable" the day she turns 14!!

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  1. Are you a member of the waiting child yahoo group?If not send me the info and I will get her on there . She is just beautiful!!!!